Unbeatable Resume Tips from a Top Recruiter

Kerry Hannon interviews esteemed recruiter Tony Beshara in an article for Forbes, getting at the heart of what makes a really great resume.

Keep It Simple

Beshara says an ideal resume is no longer than two pages and uses language that a high school senior could understand. Stick with a basic, uniform font in a practical size, black ink on white paper. List jobs in reverse chronological order, and be succinct in your explanations of them, starting with verbs and not using complete sentences. Beshara says to ditch objective and summary. Ditch personal information and photos too, but do include stories that make you stick out, especially if you can cite numbers that show how you succeeded at something. Avoid vague phrases that do not really convey anything either, like “customer-oriented.” In spite of everything though, many more interviews are gained through networking than through submitting a resume through a website, so stay hungry.

You can read the full interview here:

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