Top 10 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

What are the things that get resumes put in the recycle bin? In an article for Monster, Peter Vogt identifies 10 of these mistakes.

Don’t Do These

  1. Typos and grammatical errors: It says bad things for your attention to detail if you cannot even write a grammatically sound resume.
  2. Lack of specifics: You should in a few words explain exactly what you did in any given role, citing numbers when possible.
  3. Attempting a “one-size-fits-all” approach: Your resume needs to be catered to the job you are pursuing, or else it looks like you are just looking for any
  4. Highlighting duties instead of accomplishments: What you did at a job matters, but the positive results of what you did matter even more.
  5. Going on too long or cutting things too short: There is no steadfast rule, but your resume should really not go beyond two pages, or arbitrarily adhere to one page either.
  6. A bad objective: Make your objective align with the job in such a way that it sounds like both you and the employer will benefit from achieving your objective.
  7. No action verbs: Always take the active voice, because you are a doer who does things!
  8. Leaving off important information: Some jobs or activities may not seem relevant to the job at hand, but they might emphasize attractive soft skills you had not considered.
  9. Visually too busy: Limit your font usage and sizing to keep things aesthetically pleasing.
  10. Incorrect contact information: If your phone number or email is wrong, well, good luck with that.

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