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Three Principles to Boost Your Productivity this Week

Productivity is the magic juice that gets work done and makes people happy. As a result, everyone is always hoping to learn one more secret to obtaining more of it. In a post for Project Management Hacks, Bruce Harpham explores strategies that will make all the difference for accomplishing meaningful work.

Better Work, Better You

There exist many definitions and interpretations in regards to what productivity is. For the purpose of this scenario, focus on this one: “Productivity is the completion of a task that relates to your goals or important values.”

There are three essential steps to take when attempting to improve productivity:

  1. Determine what is a priority.
  2. Decide where you stand in life.
  3. Determine what does not need to be done.

Gaining some sort of gauge on how you will be reviewed can help direct your focus towards a path that highlights priorities. How will you set your goals and how will you be evaluated for the completion of the project? Is there an annual review you should prepare for, or simply goals to make? Perhaps at the end of each year there is a review where maybe 80 percent of your evaluation is based on the completion of a project and 20 percent is focused on corporate goals. Be sure to not take on too many goals that none are completed sufficiently.

Without getting too hokey, it is imperative to determine where you are in your own life. There is a substantial difference between a young twenty-five year old just starting out in his professional career and the established forty-year old with a wife and kids. Work is not everything, but it will impact the rest of your life, particularly what types of goals you decide to pursue.

One of the simplest ways to increase productivity is to simply stop doing tasks that are not as important and serve as a distraction from more crucial elements. A few suggestions to eliminate unnecessary work are to: automate, learn to say no, and manage your work load.

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