The Good and the Bad: How Enterprise Apps Are Changing the Role of IT

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) in conjunction with consumer-facing applications are forging a new path for business applications. In an article for ZDNet, Aimee Chanthadavong discusses how these applications are changing the shape of IT.

Both employees and consumers are constantly exposed to applications outside of work, which is increasing their expectations for business applications. Business applications take a bit of effort to get initiated, and there needs to be some level of commitment in order to keep them updated and running efficiently. Unlike a desktop computer, application updates happen weekly or even daily. The role of IT is being shaped by this constant evolution because there is now a need to actively educate users on how the update has changed the application and how to effectively use it.

Trusting employees to work creatively to tackle problems produces positive outcomes. Employees are consistently creating their own applications, BYOD, and they desire to bring these applications to their workplace. For example, some employees have created their own Dropbox that they wish to use. The plethora of applications can bring diversity and benefit to an organization that should be encouraged.

More and more organizations are creating policies around applications to help support productivity. They need to do more than manage mobile devices; they need to manage services. SurveyMonkey is an excellent example of a self-serve model. Users can go in and create their own survey to suit their needs and those of the organization.

New applications can also help the innovative drought facing some countries, such as Australia. In Australia, there is a shortage of tech skills, and applications can help promote the software solutions that can give them a competitive edge of more businesses with technical strengths.

Self-serve models are the future and provide the new solutions that are needed. You can read the original article here:

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