The 4 Types of Productivity Styles

Understanding productivity can help a person feel accomplished and fulfilled, but there is no one-size cloak of productivity that will fit everyone. In an article for 99u, Carson Tate elaborates on how to identify your individual cognitive style and uncover the productivity approach that will work best for you.

Finding the Most Efficient You

Instinctively, we know what kind of productivity works best for us, but sometimes we become clouded in a haze of knowledge forced upon us regarding what it means to be productive. There are four categories of productivity that a person may fall into:

  1. The prioritizer
  2. The planner
  3. The arranger
  4. The visualizer

The prioritizer is the person who relies on logic, facts, and critical thinking. They will time themselves to see how long it will take them to complete a given task, and then they use this to help plan their future schedules. This type of hyper-focused person does not pay much attention to “how” a task is completed, just that it is completed in a timely manner. They will contribute to their team by analyzing data, provide logical problem-solving, and be consistent and decisive.

The planner is the person who thrives on organization, planning, and detailed thinking. They are fixated on the details of the project and focus on completing it well and on time; the calendar is their best friend. They lack spontaneity and sometimes are too rigid in their plan, causing them to miss opportunities. They contribute to their team with their practicality, attention to detail, and maintaining data.

The arranger is someone who is more inclined to thrive in an environment with supportive, expressive, and emotional thinking. These people are true team players and actually prefer to work with others. They like when people add a personal touch and do not remain fixated on the cold hard facts. They do need to be mindful that they do not talk too much. When in a team, they are excellent at anticipating how others are feeling, being the go-between in team interactions, and using persuasion.

The visualizer utilizes intuitive, integrated, and synthesized thinking. These people are great under pressure and are able to see the big picture. Their spontaneity helps to inspire innovative ideas. In their teams, they contribute innovation, creative problem-solving, and the ability to visualize the future.

You probably fit somewhere into one of those four styles, or maybe you flirt with a couple. As long as you understand how you work, that is good enough. You can read the original article here:

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