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Problem Management Is Your Way Out of Firefighting Mode

For as long as IT has been around, they have been the team given the responsibility to seek news of a problem and report to duty solving it, but is that really the best use of their time and resources? Havoc can never be completely eradicated, but in a post for Valorize IT, project management is asserted to be the best defense at reducing the time spent putting out fires.

Problem Solved

The first and best thing that can be done in the fight against problems is to isolate the root cause and tackle fixing that. After the root cause is fixed, the root incident should become fixed as well, curing the problem. This is quite different from incident management, a management whose sole goal could be to find the problem, put a Band-Aid on it, and send it out the door as quickly as possible. This is not necessarily a poor practice, but it does leave a lot of room for the problem to fester and rise again. Rather than allow for this to happen, problem management can help to fix things long-term.

Problem management focuses on finding the root cause and dedicating time and energy into fixing it so that they do not occur again. This will also help to improve IT services, make them less prone to errors, improve IT’s reputation, and demonstrate IT maturity.

There are a few essential steps to help IT get started on project management success:

  1. Always support incident management processes, as well as the service desk.
  2. Stay close with the change management process.
  3. Remain close to the service desk, because these are the people who help IT to discover new things.
  4. Find the time to prioritize new project management techniques.

Problem management is the hero IT has been waiting for, so free up some time and utilize it! You can read the original post here: https://valorizeit.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/problem-management-is-your-way-out-of-firefighting-mode/

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