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Myriad Tips for Negotiating Salary

Almost a fifth of people polled by never negotiate for more money—do not be one of these people. An article at The Muse provides a wealth of tips to increase your salary, whether you are just starting a job or if it is time for a raise. First, know your value by studying how much comparable positions are offering online, and talk to recruiters to get their input too. A tip from Columbia Business School is to ask for a really specific number, like “$64,750 rather than $65,000,” because it suggests you spent a lot of time pinpointing exactly what you deserve. Employers are more likely to accommodate you in this case. Additionally, if possible, renegotiate salary on Thursday, because psychologically it is the day people will be most open to hearing and resolving the discussion.

For many more tips, you can view the full article here:

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