Make Tech Innovation a Top IT Priority or Risk Getting Left Behind

This is the most exciting time in technology development since the advancement of the Internet in the 1990s, and because of that, there is a need for a new tech-savvy army to embrace and monitor it. In an article for TechRepublic, Patrick Gray gives some tips for CIOs to keep themselves and their team strong while progressing into the future.

Three Steps for CIOs to Press Forward

  1. Inspire an innovation culture.
  2. Learn to anticipate the future.
  3. Create formal innovation.

Technological advancements can only develop in an environment rife with innovation. This means encouraging smart risks and accepting failures. Innovative change needs to start at the top of the organization and slowly work its way down, with the supervisors taking initiative and leading by example. Look for the people who wish to inspire change, not accept the same problems month after month.

It is easy to become so fixated on the innovation internally that no attention is paid to what is occurring outside. Forward thinking and anticipating the future should become an essential aspect of the leadership team. A simple meeting lasting a mere few hours each week with its sole focus on future events can make all the difference.

Merely thinking about and discussing the future does nothing to actually prepare the organization for events to come though. Even if resources are minimal, it is useful and practical to find a way to experiment with new technology. The ideal situation would be for a system to be in place for both employees and external people to suggest pilot programs. Those with a vision can help inspire novelty.

Unfortunately, a business model can just as easily be destroyed as it can be built, and it is the job of the IT leaders to help prevent a demolition. You can read the original article here:

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