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Keeping Tabs on Projects

Some projects can be more cumbersome to manage than others, which makes it essential to understand every aspect going into the project. But when there are multiple projects, all with multiple aspects, how can one person manage it all? In an article for Project Smart, Kenneth Darter elaborates on how to successfully manage projects.

Spinning All the Plates

Having one complicated project can be taxing enough, but throw in multiple projects and the task can seem insurmountable. The leaders of the organizations need to take the extra effort to keep tabs on everything, whether that be through a simple email conversation, a formal meeting, or anything in-between. There needs to be a system for managing in place that is actively followed and involves incorporating the stakeholders and decision-makers into conversations with the project managers.

One of the first and most important tasks is to identify who the leaders of the project will be. This clarification helps the project manager navigate what information will be important during the project. They should also continuously work with the leaders.

Continuous updates regarding the project’s status help to inform the bigger picture of how everything is running in tandem. A full update may encompass an updated schedule, risks, any issues that have arisen, or plans for scope. This is the type of update that is released weekly or monthly. A simpler update is the micro-update. This is far more terse information that could be shared as frequently as every day. This greatly helps people who have multiple projects on their plate keep track of everything.

A status board also helps people stay on track. This could be a physical white board that illustrates to the team the status and other pertinent information they may need, such as deadlines, current status of tasks, who is assigned these tasks, and when updates are needed.

Staying in the know about projects will help project managers stay ahead of the game when it comes to successful projects. You can read the original article here:

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