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3 Steps to Make a Killer Project Decision on the Spot

An integral aspect of the project manager’s job title is that they need to make critical decisions at every turn. But what happens if these decisions need to be made then and there? In an article for Project Smart, Brad Egeland shares his process to ensure that the best decisions are made, even under pressure.

Three Steps to Decision-Making

  1. Verify importance.
  2. Check for options.
  3. Have confidence.

First things first, verify the importance of this decision to you. Just because someone else’s emergency is of dire importance, does not mean you need to drop everything to accommodate them. Be sure to ask yourself if the task really needs to be done today, or if you and your team can put it off for a few days.

Before starting a project, it is important to have all of the information you possibly can, because as the project manager, you are going to be seen as a mini-expert regarding this project. Due to this responsibility, it is in your best interest to check around and make sure that anyone who might have even an ounce of beneficial information has the opportunity to share it with you.

The finally step is to have confidence in your decisions. You were given this title for a reason and are certainly more than capable of handing the responsibility and making smart decisions. Your decision is good–believe in it and believe in yourself.

It is important to take the time that you need to make the decision, but do be mindful if there is a time constraint. Some decisions can wait and some need the input of others.  Even if the wrong decision is made, you can learn from it and move forward into future greatness.

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