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How to Accomplish Your Project Management Dreams

Most people dream of a bigger, brighter tomorrow, but the question remains: how do you actually fulfill this dream? In a post for PM South, Harry Hall elaborates on how to make dreams come true and further advance one’s career.

There are six steps one should follow if they are wishing to advance their career:

  1. Define goals.
  2. Personally assess your current position.
  3. Identify risks.
  4. Evaluate risks.
  5. Respond to risks.
  6. Monitor.

You cannot know how to get anywhere if you do not first establish where you ultimately wish to be. Decide where you want to get to in your career and then assess where you are at. Do you possess the skills to be where you want to be? What are your weaknesses? Simply talking to other project managers or reading a book can help you assess what your current position is. With any goal, there will be threats and opportunities. In an effort not to be blindsided, take the time to assess what these are. Once they are identified, you can then better evaluate what risks are more threatening, deserve greater attention, and need to be responded to immediately. Over time, things are bound to change, so actively monitor your risks and goals and reassess that you are on the path you want to be.

Some companies encourage you to develop your career by offering training programs or incentive bonuses, or paying for you to take courses and exams. See what your organization has to offer, because before a person can successfully manage a project in an industry, they need to have some level of knowledge about that industry. There are project management courses that are industry-specific that can help grow this knowledge. This will not only help in making projects successful, but in building your repertoire and being more of an asset to your organization.

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