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CMDB: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Why is CMDB (configuration management database) so important, and why should it even be given the light of day? At even the suggestion of CMDB, some people are quick to judge and show displeasure. In a post for Service Management Journey, Ryan Ogilvie answers the tough question of whether CMDB is needed.

The suggestion of this solution arises because there is a component of the service or infrastructure that is laid out utilizing configuration items, which needs to be addressed. This can in actuality cause a long-term problem because there is little to no attention paid to how this solution will ultimately be managed by the people within the organization. Yes, the solution needs to work in the sense that the process should enhance the tool, but the organization is composed of people using these tools, and they are the ones who need this to work well.

Since no two organizations operate identically, there is no one clear-cut path in choosing the best way to implement CMDB. However, one of the best places to begin looking is simply at what CMDB will ultimately manage, perhaps the critical services. The development of this scope is crucial for success.

Following the identification, look for a way in which to tie this new process into the change management. Have a way to regularly monitor the accuracy of configuration items. Not only will this help monitor any issues that arise in the configuration management process, but it can give insight if there are also problems with inputs or outputs. Even if the tool is automated, it still needs to be monitored; things can always go awry, even when least expected.

The bottom line is in order for CMDB to be successfully implemented and work well, it needs to be decided what CMDB ultimately will do, and then actively monitor it. You can read the original post here:

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