CIOs Feel They Lack the Skills to Become Business Leaders

CIOs obviously have some validity in their managerial skills or else they would not be in the position they are. However, a vast majority of them feel as though they lack the vision and influence that is required to take the next step in becoming a business leader. In an article for TechRepublic, Nick Heath elaborates on this concern.

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In a survey of 1,200 CIOs worldwide, it was uncovered that CIOs feel as though they are successful in the day-to-day activities, but they lack leadership skills. The majority of the CIOs believe they struggle in the management of internal stakeholders, talent management, and technology vision. These “people” skills, despite being an aspect of the CIO job title, are not perceived as strengths. A mere 9 percent of CIOs feel they possess the skills they need in order to be successful in their leadership roles.

CIOs desire a capable staff to which to delegate their tasks, a “lieutenant” if you will. One of the shortfalls in CIO management is that they do not invest a sufficient amount of time in preparation of their staff; a number two could greatly impact this and help adequately train individuals.

CIOs are pressured to look towards business innovation, despite the fact that nearly two-thirds of IT’s budget is spent on the day-to-day tasks. CIOs believe that the best places to invest business money are in the analytics as well as “digital.” These “digital” investments encompass things such as the analysis of customer data, developing new products or services, or creating a work environment that is more conducive of collaboration. All of these elements push for more productivity and improving the customer experience. This will ultimately call for refurbishing core infrastructures, which may prove arduous because of the lack of funding.

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