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Can You Convince Your Boss to Pay You a Bigger Salary?

No matter how much you love your job, if it does not pay well enough, a time will come when you have to ask for more money or move on to the next opportunity. Kate Ashford writes an article for the BBC with tips to get the raise you deserve.

Dos and Don’ts

Preparing to get a raise can begin upward of six months in advance, when you take active steps to demonstrate higher value to the organization. In this way, you can demonstrate why you are worth more money. Research your market online to determine how much of a raise is reasonable. Regardless, the timing of your asking can play a big factor in success. If the company is slashing budgets, it may be a bad time, but if you have just inherited more responsibilities, it could be a good time. One thing you should never do though is point to a colleague’s salary as justification for your raise; it just comes across in poor taste. Likewise, even if you are serious, do not say you will be forced to look for new jobs if a raise is not received. A boss does not like to feel threatened in any way. And if you ultimately fail to receive your raise, just keep working hard in the organization, building your “brand,” and consider finding a mentor who can help lift you up.

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