Are You the Next Great IT Entrepreneur?

Most people who wind up in IT did not get there by accident. They get into IT because they have a passion for technology, for discovering new and better solutions to old problems. Technology enthusiasts such as yourself understand that the sky is the limit, which means they are better suited than most to become entrepreneurs. A new group is being forged to help these potential IT entrepreneurs to build prolific careers.

The Community of Budding IT Leaders

For those in IT who strive to become their own boss and create meaningful change with their own two hands, Computer Aid has built The IT Entrepreneur, a group on LinkedIn:

The IT Entrepreneur is a community dedicated to helping aggressive, entrepreneurial, technology-oriented professionals take control of their careers and start their own businesses. We provide education, learning, articles, guidance, and networking opportunities to help you excel as IT entrepreneurs.

This group is in its infancy, which means this is your opportunity to get in at the ground floor and start contributing to what will become an invaluable tool for IT professionals with lofty aspirations. Granted, you might be wondering—why is a group like this so important? Well, countless resources explain that, in order to be most successful, you must surround yourself with other ambitious people who can challenge your manner of thinking. When you involve yourself in a network of high-performers such as this one, you all gain access to myriad fresh perspectives and new ideas that you can then apply to your own business venture. In other words, ambitious people lift each other up.

When you consider the numbers, there has seldom been a better time for IT professionals to become entrepreneurs either. For instance, it is estimated that worldwide IT spending amounted to $2.69 trillion last year. Thus, the demand for your skills and insight is indisputably real, especially when new forms of digital disruption are arising on practically a monthly basis.

The First Step

So go ahead and give The IT Entrepreneur a try. See what it is like to share your favorite articles and ideas with like-minded individuals who are just as excited to be at the digital forefront as you are. Cheer each other on, build relationships, and develop the skills and knowledge you need to become a leader of the IT industry.

Join The IT Entrepreneur LinkedIn page today:

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