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Are You Managing for the Right Outcomes? 3 Tips

Ultimately, a project’s success should be measured by the outcome of the project, not on the actions that were taken to complete it. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Dave Wakeman explores the reasons why the outcome should be the sole focus.

When it comes to measuring a project’s success, there are three mindsets regarding the outcome that a person should think about:

  1. The outcome is what matters.
  2. The outcomes are not always crystal clear.
  3. Things are constantly changing.

All projects possess steps along the way that help in the delivery of what the stakeholders want, but the bottom line is that the stakeholders care less about the minute schedules and risk assessments and more about the outcome. All of these steps are important because they get the project where it needs to be, but only the ultimate result of these steps can be used to measure project success.

You need to develop a comprehensive perspective to measuring outcomes. Sometimes, it takes a different approach to view and see the big picture, an approach that some people are often blind to. Those who have worked diligently on the project often become so fixated on their own piece that they do not see the real, big picture outcome. This is not necessarily intentional, but it does mean that there should be some time devoted to expressing to everyone involved what the end goal is and what success will mean.

Life is a constant changing entity, and so too are projects. Even once the desired outcome is reached, things might change and a new outcome may be required. It is best to prepare for change when possible and take on the mindset that the stakeholders will consistently be communicated with and kept in the loop.

You can read the original post here: http://www.projectmanagement.com/blog/Voices-on-Project-Management/16480/

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