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9 Things You Should Never Say When Asking for a Raise

Aaron Gouveia shares for nine things that open up a can of worms that you do not need when asking for a raise:

  1. “I know the timing isn’t great, but…” If the timing is not good, then do not ask.
  2. “I haven’t had a raise since…” Complaining does not work.
  3. “I’m doing the work of three people…” Again, complaining
  4. “I’ve been here for a year now…” If annual reviews are not a normal thing in the first place, this should not matter.
  5. “I’ve done everything I was supposed to…” Doing what is expected of you justifies your current salary, not a bigger one.
  6. “I need a raise because I’m having personal problems…” Tough luck, Chuck.
  7. “I want $[a stupid amount of money].” Do your research to know what is reasonable.
  8. “But [coworker] is making more than me…” Maybe that person just has it a lot more together than you.
  9. “If I don’t get a raise, I’m leaving.” Well, I guess the pressure is on to find a new job now, huh?

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