5 Tips for Creating an Appealing and Memorable Brand

Nobody aims to build a boring and unmemorable brand, but that is too often the end product. Scott Langdon writes for Entrepreneur with five tips to avoid this dark fate.

Toward a Sunnier Brand

Langdon starts by suggesting you think about incorporating humor into branding. Is there some amusing image you can get people to associate with your brand, in a way that puts a smile on their face rather than degrades the business? Consider it. The second tip is to use colloquial language. In other words, use language anyone can understand, so that you do not come across esoteric or pretentious. The third tip is to blend in-store customer experiences with online ones, if that applies to your business. Fourth, the brand needs to owe up to its mistakes when they occur. And lastly, add the personal touch to your business’s interactions wherever possible, especially because of how much of business is automated these days. For more information, you can view the full article here:

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