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5 Reasons ‘Nice Guy’ Project Managers Finish First

Nice guys finish last, or do they? If being the good guy really just gets you nowhere, then why be nice? In an article for, Brad Egeland explores the reasons why the good guys win and that by being nice, they can ultimately advance their careers.

5 Reasons Nice Guys Win

  1. Being nice leads to making connections.
  2. Being nice encourages people to do things for you.
  3. Being nice can get you critical information.
  4. Being nice can lead to faster resources.
  5. Being nice helps with customer approval.

When a person exhibits kind behavior, people are often more inclined to help them, leading to further progression within the organization. For example, a project manager who is kind to the accounting department may find their financial statements are always up-to-date and ready for them. Along this same line, being kind to people can sway them to help you complete your project, even if they have no stake in it whatsoever. In order for this to work you should never be annoying about asking for favors and reciprocate the favor whenever possible.

Befriending those in positions that can help you may lead to quicker project completion and a more successful project. Simply being kind can lead to receiving important documents quicker or getting approved before someone else. Never be the obnoxious “brown-noser;” just be nice.

When you are a good-hearted person who submits detailed requests in a timely manner, it is often reciprocated with a project team who is staffed exceptionally well. Well-staffed teams help complete projects better and can be the difference between success and failure. Success leads to customer satisfaction and is the end-all-be-all goal. When you are kind, customers take notice and appreciate the flexibility and polite answers to their questions.

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