5 Reasons 2016 Will Be the Year of the ‘New IT’

The year 2016 is predicted to be the year of “new IT.” Changes have been occurring for years, but they are really going to take flight and alter IT soon. So what sorts of innovation will spark transformations in this new year? In an article for, Thor Olavsrud looks ahead to the next challenges for IT.

All New, All Different

Organizations will need to move on from legacy systems and make way for the digital transformation, including: the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other technologies associated with the “third-platform.” There are five predictions for what will revolutionize IT in 2016:

  1. Application owners will greatly influence IT.
  2. The data center will become more like the public cloud.
  3. Web-scale IT architectures will become more available.
  4. CIOs will need to move spending to operating expenses.
  5. Cyberattacks and data breaches in the cloud will become reality.

DevOps and IT will become synonymous for one another, which will further push IT to adopt a more app-centered perspective. Application owners will be the ones pushing this and determining what tools, techniques, and skills will be needed. The enterprise will no longer be held back by inflexibility or specialized hardware. Organizations will begin to possess “public cloud-like” flexibility along with agility within their own data centers. Organizations will also be able to achieve web-scale IT architectures without the need to utilize expensive appliances because of the innovations with commodity x86 servers.

IT budgets will likely become more constrained, which will leave little to no room for investment in new technologies. As a result, CIOs will need to alter their spending:

“The days of overspending on traditional tools and equipment that have proven only partially effective will end,” [Amit Pandey, CEO of Avi Networks] says. “As an example, Netflix has abandoned the use of traditional anti-virus tools. For data center tools, CIOs will be compelled by lines of business to shift IT spending choices from capital budgets to operating budgets. The need for uniformity of application architectures in multi-cloud environments will influence IT purchasing decisions (since traditional hardware-based technologies are not portable)…

There have been worries about cyberattacks directed towards the cloud, but none have really been an immense threat–yet. The shift to the cloud is not going to slow down, and the more confidential data that gets stored on it, the bigger a target is being painted for it for an inevitable attack by somebody. Are you prepared for such eventualities?

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