5 Qualities Every Employer Wants in a Job Candidate

The goal of hiring is not to fill a seat, but rather to find the best person to fulfill a role. Arnie Fertig writes with five qualities the right candidate will possess in an article for US News and World Report.

Ingredients for a Winner

The best candidates will not just claim to be creative but provide examples from prior work experiences of how they inspired positive change with their creativity. Telling such stories with enthusiasm and a smile can project their pride in a non-egotistical way, which is also attractive. Another feather in their cap is if they can claim to be subject matter experts, which can be done by regularly reading professional journals or by building a name for themselves by getting themselves published in various online sources. A fourth quality is the ability to adapt to changing technology, since, well, that is what technology does. The final quality then is a willingness to go above and beyond; if candidates tell you about times that they volunteered to work overtime to see a project through to the end, that is a nice cherry on top of things.

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