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5 Mistakes IT Leaders Make with the Consumerization of IT

IT use to be able to exercise complete control, but those days are gone because of what is known as the consumerization of IT. Employees increasingly want to use personal devices in the office setting to improve their work; is this really such a bad thing? Brian Whitelaw explores in a post some places where IT has gone wrong.

Five Consumerization Mistakes

  1. Saying no to the personal phone or tablet
  2. Little to no integration of consumer IT products
  3. Technology can inhibit performance.
  4. Utilizing the wrong infrastructure
  5. Not creating a policy for devices

If someone truly wants to do something, they will find a way to do so, even if they are blatantly told not to. Why not capitalize on this, allow employees to work on their own devices, and maintain control over corporate information? Integrating consumer IT products will help to enhance the organization because it will encourage the staff to do more work.

It is normal for organizations to block websites, particularly social media, however this is very counterproductive. If people cannot access their feed to stalk their friends they will resort to using their mobile devices, going around the problem. Those who have a little more freedom to be distracted periodically actually perform better.

After people begin connecting their own personal devices to the organization’s infrastructure, they will assume that IT accepts them. It will need to utilize the correct infrastructure in order to make everything work. Before people can even bring their own devices into the organization, there needs to be a policy in place that is supported by the organization and is legal. Just make sure there is not too much legal language to deter people from fully reading it.

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