10 Tips to Hire the Right Candidate

The hiring process is a delicate dance for business and candidate both. Kirsten Olson writes for Monster with a comprehensive set of tips to identify the best candidate for a job.

Finding the One

Olson frames her tips about candidate identification as questions, of which we will present the CliffsNotes version:

  1. Is the candidate highly adaptive? Business environments are so fluid that adaptability is critical.
  2. Do they ask great questions? It is a very promising sign of aptitude if, after learning more during the interview, candidates ask meaningful questions that get at the heart of what the business does.
  3. Are they voraciously curious? Someone eager to learn is someone bound to soak up more skills.
  4. Can they see patterns in disparate information? Walls of data are the future, for better or worse, and people who can see the big picture are of the utmost value.
  5. Are they team players? An ace worker who cannot communicate or collaborate well is probably going to cause problems in the longer term.
  6. Are they good resource managers? When budgets get cut, you want somebody who knows how to make do.
  7. Are they enthusiastic about people and relationships? This is a combination of being curious and being a team player.
  8. Can they admit to mistakes? This is important not just because you do not want to hire a jerk, but also because people need to become comfortable with making small mistakes in the pursuit of innovation.
  9. Do they see learning as pleasure? This again ties back to being curious and eager to develop a firm knowledge base.
  10. Is this the kind of learner you want on your team? Ultimately, you just have to decide if this is a human you like enough to hire, since there is seldom such thing as an absolutely perfect candidate.

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