Ways to Stay Focused at Work This Holiday Season

Travel planning, colleagues and bosses going on vacation, and a general lack of motivation all conspire to destroy productivity over the holiday season. Jacquelyn Smith writes for Forbes with solutions to this challenge.

Happy Holidays for Business

You likely know which events in your personal life will cut into work time during the holidays, so communicate your needs up front and rearrange your availability as appropriate. Put together a to-do list and prioritize what needs to get done before Santa hits the streets. That being said, avoid multitasking, lest you end up “completing” all your work in a manner that is helpful to ultimately no one. Keep it classy and save the brunt of your online shopping for home too. If there are regular holiday parties etc. and you are expected to chip in in various ways, be mindful of that and take care of it in advance; maybe just buy the plastic forks when they are on sale over 4th of July weekend, for instance. The most effective way though to keep productive might just be to self-evaluate yourself at the end of every day and week in December. Be honest with yourself, and decide what you need to change if you are not completing as much work as you know you can.

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