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The Road to Feedback Is Paved with Good Intentions

The acquisition of feedback is well-intended. However, the information sought is not always retrieved in the right ways, creating a road full of bumps and potholes that does not deliver what you really wanted. In a post for Service Management Journey, Ryan Ogilvie explores how to more effectively utilize the information that feedback may provide.

Two Aspects of Feedback

The first step is to understand what the feedback’s purpose is. Feedback provides information about what the customer may need or want, and understanding this allows for the articulation of the right questions. The properly selected questions can be targeted to the correct audience and then the feedback may be utilized effectively. Proper communication is vital to acquiring the feedback that is desired. Find the balance between asking the right questions and being too intrusive into the person’s personal business. Uncover how people most like to communicate and utilize that medium. It is easy to assume that something such as email is the best route to receive feedback, but the customer may digress and never respond. The goal is appeasing all people.

Acquiring the feedback is merely half the battle; the second round is to manage it. Being able to report to the sender that their suggestions are being utilized will help to inspire future response to surveys. People often assume nothing will be done with their response, so prove them wrong! Whenever it is possible, share the feedback results and how they are implemented to the audience. Sometimes, showing people that results are highly coveted and used will inspire those who originally ignored the request for the survey to respond to the next one. Feedback can also help in the future to market the need for the next survey.

In the long run, feedback helps immensely in making a difference and implementing great improvements to the organization. You can read the original post here:

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