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The Greenhouse for Better ITSM Planning

Are ITIL and ITSM just misunderstood? In an article for Valorize IT, this issue is further explored and the secret to reaching success with these types of projects is revealed.

Going Green-ish

Let’s say that you are envious of your neighbor’s luscious, green lawn, so you decide to buy a bag of grass seed and plant it. You spread the seeds out and go inside to wait until they flourish. Sounds like an excellent plan in theory, but the reality is if you did not properly rake the ground and plant the seeds, they will be washed away with the first rainfall. You did not adequately prepare, and your end result will reflect that.

In order to reach success in anything, it is essential to properly prepare. Something like “the process Greenhouse” allows for organizations to adequately prepare for their new undertakings. They can create the process support for elements such as: documentation, training materials, tool adaptation information, and more. In order to better embrace these adaptations and integrate them more efficiently into the organization, they should be made a positive thing.

Once the processes leave the Greenhouse, they are given to the process council. This council’s main objective is to continuously maintain and improve all of the processes. This group is composed of people including process managers, potential coordinators, and management representation. On occasion, they will include outsiders, perhaps suppliers, to help gain new insight on solving a problem. They are similar to a project management office (PMO) in the sense that they are not directly responsible for the processes, but rather the coordination of the processes. Particularly in the beginning, in an effort to get things moving, they will meet frequently.

The process council is the integral element that makes process governance a success, because without them, it will never work. Programs need attention, especially when first starting out, and the council is the one who nurtures the program to life. There should be a well-defined process organization for each process, developed when they are first introduced.

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