The Entrepreneurial Age Separates the Good from the Great

Is it still enough to have the measurable qualities and charisma of an executive? Must a great executive be entrepreneurial as well? In an article for Computerworld, Thornton May explores this new asset demanded of C-level executives.

The Entrepreneur in You

IT is the make or break factor when it comes to being successful in entrepreneurship. If IT is not actively supporting entrepreneurship, then the idea is doomed from the beginning. It is not enough to have an entrepreneurial mind; the entire enterprise must adopt this mindset as well by acknowledging changing situations. It is believed that the amount of change in the next five years will be equivalent to the amount of change seen in the last one hundred years. This rapid change also means an exponential growth in data.

Unfortunately, the secret handbook for adapting to change has yet to be written and the answers are seemingly arduous to find. The best way for an organization to support constant change is to have a person’s sole job be just that: analyzing how to address transformation.

Innovation is at an all-time high within businesses and that is why C-level executives must be proficient in delivering high-growth and high-margin revenue streams. Being a successful entrepreneur has no stereotypes as far as looks. It all comes down to the mindset that is adopted. You do not have to be young to have the next big idea.

What does this “entrepreneurial mindset” look like? There are two types of entrepreneurs: the little “e” and the big “E.” Little “e” are those entrepreneurs that run their own small businesses while big “E” are those who create entire new industries and are not afraid to disrupt the status quo. Little “e” is the norm amongst today’s business, but get ready, because big “E” is about to turn the world on its head.

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