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The Bumpy Road to IT Transformation

With the rapid technology change in the past few years, IT too is undergoing an evolutionary process seemingly on the daily. Change can be great, as long as it is followed through. In an article for BetaNews, Vishal Bhatnagar explores how businesses ensure that IT changes are not just a phase.

IT transformation is a huge endeavor; however, it likely has a limited budget. Applications are definitely an important element of the transformation, but they are not everything. In order to implement change, IT should be in a partnership with the business so as to make sure that everything remains aligned with the business’s mission, and so that long-term visions can be met. A very simple step IT can take to do this is to make the effort to converse with stakeholders to illustrate how technology can be a beneficial asset to change.

IT transformation can be a challenge, particularly if too many things are changed at once. Too much change can result in a glitch or, worse, a system failure. In order to reduce risks, IT should measure their success along the way by analyzing the metrics associated with time to market, responsiveness, costs, and managing more initiatives.

There are four measures that allow for the CIO to quickly assess the IT transformation:

  1. Adaptability
  2. Software risk
  3. Robustness
  4. Changeability

When a project portfolio is adaptable, it indicates the business’s responsiveness. This leads into the business effectiveness and helps to achieve the goal of agility. Software risk is easy to manage by simply evaluating violations within the industry. Risk reduction is highly important to success. Robustness indicates the probability that an application may or may not incur defects. Changeability is vital for renovating the most pertinent of business processes. When an application is changeable, it is far easier to add a new interface.

Risk control is vital for IT transformation and measuring it along the way to project success will help ensure the project is completed well. You can read the original article here:

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