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Project Management: Entering the Final Phase

You have worked diligently, investing time and resources into a project, nurturing it from the beginning. Do not let it all fall apart in the final phase. In some regards, properly executing and finishing a project is the most arduous aspect. In an article for Project Smart, Kenneth Darter explores how to handle the big finale.

Four Steps to Close the Project

  1. Ensure proper leadership.
  2. Take into account ongoing operational processes.
  3. Train teams well.
  4. Allow the end to come.

Before handing off the project, it is vital to make sure that there is proper leadership in place to be able to handle the project. Whatever the needs of the project are, there should already be a leader and team trained and ready to take on its care. And before undertaking a well-intended project to revive the company’s operational systems, make sure that the system will actually benefit the company when implemented. During the duration of the project, take care that the process remains aligned with company values. Additionally, keep documentation up-to-date so that no matter when a new person enters the project, they can quickly discover what is going on.

Whatever the project’s purpose, someone will eventually have to handle it and know how to operate. The best way to transition this new project into business operations is to actively train people along the way so they can familiarize themselves with the novelty.

Everything must eventually come to an end, especially projects. However the transition of authority works, those working on a project need to be able to let it go and move on. Create a transition that eases those involved in or out of the project’s umbrella. You can read the original article here:

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