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Is There Such Thing as Standardized Service Management?

ITSM and its various frameworks are not a one-size-fits-all bundle. Most companies already have ITSM processes in place that work swimmingly; they are just unaware of them. Whatever the case may be, Ivor Macfarlane, writing for All Things ITSM, examines the issue.

Identifying and Maximizing Services

No matter what the state of the organization, there are some existing structures that can be utilized as either a basis to rework or something to incorporate. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that improving ITSM may take time because there should be some sort of custom fit to the organization. If there is no attention paid to how it can be integrated into the existing business, there is no hope for it to execute what the business needs.

Just like when installing a new kitchen, there are many facets and unique entities that go into a business’s ITSM that need to be discussed. The kitchen is designed to suit the needs of the family; there is no IKEA standard model to choose. ITSM has a plethora of factors that need to be considered, such as: how it fits with the other processes, how this ITSM suit business needs, how it fits into with rules, is there money to finance it, and are there the skills to properly implement it?

There are inevitably some positive assets to the ITSM currently in existence, and those elements should be kept, spiffed up, and integrated into the new system. Everyone in the business will probably have different needs that they will want met by ITSM. It will need to be able to serve a variety of customers and thus should be diversified enough to do so.

Nothing will happen overnight, but ITSM will greatly enhance business practices if the proper time is taken to install it properly. You can read the original post here:

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