Is Embedding IT Staff the New Way for CIOs to Organize IT?

The role of the IT department is to support the entire company. But how can this effectively be done? Collectively, a few CIOs believe they have found the secret. Dr. Jim Anderson explores this new phenomenon in a post at his blog.

The Answer Is Embedded

So what is this big secret to success? Embedding IT staff. A quick and easy way to help the IT staff work in closer proximity with other departments is to integrate them into those departments. The companies that have begun to do this have noted that this has allowed more time for creative projects, projects that make the company more money. Not every IT position can logically be embedded into another department, but a position like the business analyst would do exceptionally well elsewhere because they already work closely with other employees. Working directly in the department allows for them to more efficiently support their IT needs and help develop a better understanding of the functionality.

Embedding the IT staff throughout the company has benefits for the entire organization. When the business analysts work so closely with other departments, it is much easier for them to acquire vital information for the IT department. There is also the possibility and likelihood of producing projects more quickly. The threat of miscommunication is drastically reduced because IT is always right there. IT will also be able to make better decisions more quickly because they have a better big picture of the company.

If IT wants to continue to support every department in the company, as well as improve on their delivery of support, they need to understand all the departments. Embedding IT into departments is the innovative approach to easily tackle this challenge. Not only is this progressive idea practical, but the benefits are exceptional. You can read the original post here:

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