How You Can Learn to Finally, Really Relax

Melanie Pinola knows what it is like to not be able to get rid of stress, which is why she took it upon herself to research and write a big primer on how to relax. She tells you everything you need to know in an article for Lifehacker.

Peace at Last

First, identify what is stressing you—family, money, a bad work environment? Maybe your own personality is prone to thoughts and traits that increase stress. For instance, workaholics actually seek high-pressure jobs and get addicted to the adrenaline. In order to reduce stress, among other things you should keep a journal of things that stress you and possible solutions. Maintain posture in order to relax your muscles. And of course keep tabs on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Beyond these things, learn how to take a “good” break, which will be subjective to your mood and interests. If you cannot afford breaks, then at the very least stop agreeing to take on any extra work. Ultimately, you want to learn to make relaxation a habit. This might occur in the form of meditation, or in the form of “mindfulness,” which kind of means living in the moment.

These are just the highlights though. You can view even more good ideas at the full article:

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