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How to Write an “About Me” Page that Gets You Hired

In a few paragraphs, can you embody the essence of “you” without bragging? This is an overwhelming thought that is only made worse when you realize you know yourself better than anyone. In an article for 99u, Nicole Fenton gives her tips to writing an “About Me” page that will blow the audience away.

Tips to Get in the Right Mindset

  1. Write as if your dream audience is reading.
  2. Emphasize the kind of work you actually want to do.
  3. Remain honest.
  4. Read the final product aloud to ensure it sounds like you.
  5. Treat it as a draft and continually update and revise.

The first step to beginning to write about you is to reflect. Find a quiet place to be alone and think about what your goals are and how they fit into your life. For example, think about where you see yourself in three years. These ideas start the ball rolling and help to shape your “About Me” to accurately reflect your desires.

The next step is to accumulate ideas about what you want to say. Keeping the information concise and concrete goes a long way, so keep it simple and basic. Elaborate on experience and be sure to delve into your passions. If you have links, insert them and leave the reader with instructions on what to do next–what to do with this information. A good short bio should quickly tell the reader the basic facts about you.

Once the basic structure is intact, it is time to integrate everything together. Do not be afraid to move things around and change the structure or even eliminate elements entirely. Upon completing a draft, start to play with the wording until it sounds like you organically and honestly.

No one is perfect, and the same holds true for writing. It is important to continually go back and refine the “About Me” section. It is okay if it is not perfect the first time around. Put yourself out there, even if it seems too verbose or too concise. You can always come back to it, but the important thing is that it is out there to be read.

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