How to Take the Most Refreshing Work Break: 7 Evidence-Backed Insights

When it comes to accomplishing your greatest work, there is nothing more important than pacing yourself. Eric Jaffe writes for Fast Company with seven tips to take breaks that enable better work.

Science-Approved Breaks

Since you have the most energy at the start of the day, taking breaks earlier could mean that you hold on to more of that energy for later in the day. Furthermore, short breaks can be just as effective as long breaks—in some cases, a 60-second break can be as refreshing as a 9-minute break. The content of the break is obviously important too; however, anything you do during a break can be refreshing and reduce fatigue as long as you enjoy doing it. This means even spending your break doing different (and more preferable) work could be relaxing. All the same, do not underestimate the power of just walking around on break, as meandering tends to inspire creativity. Oddly enough, walking around in nature has the added benefit of helping us focus, and even staring at an office plant can help. And as for the standard lunch break, be mindful not to let yourself get roped in other people’s plans, as gabbing all lunch can sometimes be as stressful as not taking a break at all. Lastly, research suggests that an ideal nap at work likely falls between 10-20 minutes, in case there is a spare bed lying around.

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