How to Streamline Your IT Ops on Five Steps

What is the secret to streamlining IT? It does not just boil down to cutting costs, but rather a reorganization of technology and business processes. In an article for ZDNet, Nick Heath elaborates on the Financial Times’ plan for streamlining their IT.

Five Steps to Restructure IT

  1. Do not reinvent.
  2. Remove unnecessary obstacles.
  3. Utilize micro-services.
  4. Code everything.
  5. Embrace the cloud fully.

The world is a big place and already possesses a wealth of different applications and servers. Before you set out on the arduous quest of creating a new one, investigate whether the one you need already exists. Yes, reinvention may initially look appealing, but there might be tools that will serve the purpose just fine, so save time and resources and utilize what already exists.

Some of the in-house systems may in actuality be unnecessary, so be rid of them! One such way to do so is to allow for developers to directly utilize services on AWS and other cloud platforms. The team will not have to worry about staying up-to-date with support for the system.

Today’s world demands for fast, instantaneous results and the key to that is to utilize micro-services. These tiny entities are designed to perform specific functions and are increasingly easier to use.

Every stage of the process should be automated, from development to deployment. This type of automation is made possible because of configuration by API calls. Working with code will continue to be important for CIOs in the future.

It is inevitable that the cloud is the future of IT; the only question is whether it is within the immediate future or within the next few years. There are fewer physical servers being utilized and there is a movement away from virtualized infrastructure. Moving into the depths of the cloud is not necessarily cheaper, but it will prove worthwhile.

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