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How to Recognize Project Warning Signs Early

If a person is willing to open their eyes and be perceptive, there are often warning signs prior to a dangerous event’s occurrence. Just like a person who is experiencing pain or strange symptoms would go to the doctor, there are signs for dangers in project management. Brad Egeland, writing for CIO.com, explains how to become better attuned with these signs.

Reading the Lay of the Land

When a person begins to feel ill, they take that as a sign that something is wrong and head to the doctor to uncover the severity of the ailment. They take this warning sign that something precarious is occurring and they do something about it. A project manager should do the same in a business setting. For example, when the project financials begin to detour from what is expected, that is an early sign that something within the project is awry. Perhaps vendors are late on delivers; it starts off with a day late, but then it catapults into an entire week. Addressing the lateness early could have prevented the week of being behind schedule.

So how can a project manager combat this? The answer is quite simple: good risk management. When a risk is planned for, it is often far easier to react and amend the situation. A simple brainstorming situation can help to develop a list of potential risks, and having this list allows for time to come up with solutions for all of them and to be proactive about prevention.

Risk planning is an activity that is a bit time-consuming and too often avoided. However, a quick half-hour candid discussion can help develop ideas that could save thousands of dollars down the line. The worst thing that could happen is there are no problems and the planning session was for nothing, but in retrospect, is that really such a bad thing?

You can read the original article here: http://www.cio.com/article/3000555/project-management/how-to-recognize-project-warning-signs-early.html

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