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How to Get the Project Approved

Before any project can begin, it needs to be approved. This approval may come from the client financially endorsing the project or the executive. In an article for Project Smart, Kenneth Darter elaborates on the importance of gaining project approval and how to do so.

Say Yes to the Project

How do you gain the publicity to get a project accepted? Emphasize the importance of the “big idea” and the benefits it will bring the organization. Every project will have an exemplary idea backing it, so emphasis on this strong point can really help the project acquire the attention it needs for approval. As the project manager, you should be able to quickly and concisely explain to anyone this idea. Along with composing a “big idea,” you should know the benefits it will bring. You should be able to easily see and measure any paybacks for them to be classified as a benefit.

Once the basic idea is formulated, a road map will prove especially beneficial in the execution of this proposal. It neither has to be nor should be detailed quite yet; it merely needs to exist and provide some insight on direction. It should have an outline that illustrates the steps the project will take between approval and completion. Each step should be broken down further and elaborate on the major details encompassing each phase. To put it simply: the road map is a terse, one-page synopsis of the project from beginning to end.

Once everything is composed and ready for its fateful meeting for approval, the final step is to pitch the project. The pitch could be a formal meeting of executives or a casual chit-chat. Whatever the meeting style may be, if the groundwork is laid properly, the pitch should be effective and efficient and provide the information needed in order to make the best decisions.

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