Fast and Furious IT: Moving Quickly without Breaking Everything

It is all about balance. For the CIO, their goal is to find this balance between delivering projects that have flexibility and meeting the desire to have the project be reliable. In an article for ZDNet, Steve Ranger examines how IT can deliver projects to appease all sides.

Taking time to measure the budget and weigh out costs makes the CIO slow down and confirms that what IT is delivering is reliable. Somewhere between 75 and 90 percent of an IT budget is spent on maintaining current systems, so dependability in projects is imperative. Some CIOs are taking time to analyze how to manipulate their current systems to make them more flexible to accommodate business demands, which will create more money to play with in the budget. Focus on modernization.

When a CIO is too ambitious and sets out to build an entity that they believe is entirely sound, they are setting themselves up for failure. By reorganizing the IT department’s culture, they can better equip their projects to survive in the long run as well as create innovative ideas. According to an IDC survey in the past year, 55 percent of companies surveyed have drastically altered their IT department. IT needs to continually adapt and be open to change in order to avoid becoming obsolete. There is likely to be resistance because people become comfortable in their successful ways. It is important to overcome this resistance so that business managers do not become frustrated and seek assistance elsewhere.

Many years ago the fad was to look to outside agencies to get web operations up more quickly. This initially was a great way to get things started, but it became a hassle when it came time to later reconnect them to the business. In order to make IT run more efficiently presently, there needs to be a movement towards the utilization of the cloud, reallocating the budget, and integrating new techniques. If the CIO adapts to learning how to move faster, this will only encourage benefits for the rest of the business.

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