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Do Your Beliefs Help or Hinder You as a Project Leader?

Why are beliefs such an invaluable thing to have? Beliefs are the powerful weapons that shape a person’s attitudes, decisions, actions, and results, even if only on a subconscious level. In a post at her blog, Susanne Madsen analyzes why a person’s beliefs are so critically important and how this impacts the capacity to lead.

Convictions Bring Success

Beliefs are the lens through which we see the world. For example, if a person is overly optimistic and believes there is opportunity everywhere, then they actually begin to see that opportunity lurking even in the strangest of places. This can also be a negative occurrence if a person’s beliefs are more pessimistic.

Rebel Brown, author of The Influential Leader, proclaims that over 95 percent of a person’s decisions and actions are conducted because of their beliefs, subconsciously. Bluntly put, we are manipulated by the unconscious depths of our minds and lack any true control to think otherwise. So how can this be combated? Have a strong belief system that derives from positivity. If you think you are doing exceptionally well, you will in fact perform exceptionally well.

In order to be a great leader, a person needs to transform their beliefs into empowered entities; this will affect behavior, and soon enough you will be leading your group through any tumultuous problem. Begin by examining your own beliefs and analyzing how they may be better manipulated to align with positive ones. What are your abilities as a leader? What is your relationship with your supervisor? Do you deserve to be successful? How are these beliefs affecting you positively or negatively? Answering these questions honestly and taking the time to really reflect on not only your answers, but also the implications of these answers, will help you to build a better belief system–and become a better leader as a result.

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