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Building a Project Management Office from Scratch

What is the secret to successfully building a project management office (PMO)? Not every organization needs to have a PMO, but when they help, they really help. In an article for Project Smart, Brad Egeland lays out his secrets to successfully constructing a PMO, derived from firsthand experience.

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Before beginning the steps to developing a PMO, the organization first needs to analyze whether or not it is even worth it to implement. For smaller organizations, or ones that do not have a large cash flow of project dollars, investing time and money into a PMO will likely be frivolous.

If the organization would benefit from a PMO, then it is time to start planning how to design and execute its infrastructure. The first step is to ensure that the top management is behind this idea one hundred percent. If the PMO has to fight with senior management tooth and nail, nothing of benefit will ever be accomplished. Once they are on board, some policies and procedures need to be established. These policies are often the practices that have worked well in the past and will help to guide project managers while the PMO is under construction.

It is crucial that the PMO has a strong, driven leader. An easy way to find such a person with a commitment to the organization is to look internally. They will already have a basic understanding of the inner workings of the company and will probably have some beneficial connections. Connections become invaluable when projects need diverse resources. Along with a well-intentioned leader, the PMO needs to be filled with a staff that is diversified with experience and talent. Those with experience often prove more beneficial than those with mere certificates, but both are needed.

Building a PMO is not as awful as it may seem, and in the long run, it can become a sorely needed backbone. You can read the original article here:

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