9 Ways to Make Your IT Department Move Faster

“Traditional IT” is like having a flip phone. You can get by with it, but you will never get ahead. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, a list of nine simple, proactive solutions have been compiled from various CIOs and other executives that can elevate IT’s productivity. Trust me, your flip phone will understand.

Nine IT Boosters

  1. Construct a checklist.
  2. Strengthen relationships with those who make decisions.
  3. Standardize applications.
  4. Be the entrepreneur.
  5. Build trust.
  6. Consider DevOps.
  7. Even if it’s not broken, try to fix it.
  8. Utilize process.
  9. Keep moving quickly, within a framework.

First things first, start at the beginning and develop a checklist. A simple list can help to decipher whether different principles are being applied to their fullest potential. Developing relationships within the company will help to monopolize on a whole host of strengths and weaknesses in-house. When there are five different applications all doing the same thing, that is a waste of time and diverts attention away from the one that does the most superlative job. Sift through and find the one that is best and stick with it by removing the others.

For the next project, approach it as an entrepreneur would and think about whether it really is a good idea, and how it can successfully be delivered to those who need it. If these simple questions cannot be answered, maybe it is the wrong time for that project and it should be shelved to avoid failure. Complex problems will always be prevalent and it is important to develop a team that is trusting and can move forward with solutions. If there is not trust amongst the team, no amount of software will save the project. DevOps can help expedite simple business operations and move a company into the future too.

One of the most arduous aspects of IT presently is understanding that even if something is meeting needs today, that does not mean it will be useful in the future. IT must stay proactive about identifying areas for improvement. Understanding your processes and having the right people supporting their execution is vital in delivering value, but keep in mind to maintain a speedy pace. This pace should be anchored by alignment with the business’s strategic plan. If you move too quickly and skew away from the plan, the results may end up not being what was intended or needed.

Granted, some of these recommendations are a little fluffy or easier said than done, but at the least, they can be a good conversation starter for where to accelerate your IT department. You can read the original article here:

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