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8 Hot Tech Jobs Getting Big Salary Bumps in 2016

What does 2016 have in store for the world? According to Dawn Kawamoto, writing for InformationWeek, there are a few tech jobs that can expect a large raise in the upcoming year. There are eight tech positions that should see a jump in salary:

  1. Wireless network engineer
  2. Big data engineer
  3. Data scientist
  4. Mobile application developer
  5. Content strategist
  6. Multimedia designer
  7. User experience specialist
  8. User interface developer

Happy Times for IT

Organizations are transitioning towards a large utilization of wireless technology, and because of this they need wireless network engineers. These engineers conduct research, design and implement wireless networks, make recommendations in regards to wireless networks, conduct site surveys, and document network infrastructure.

Big data engineers are the go-between for business users and data scientists. They help form a mutual understanding of business objectives and transform those objectives into data processing workflows. Since more organizations are relying on data, this role is becoming increasingly important. Data scientists analyze and integrate data sets and work closely with big data engineers.

Mobile application developers help to dictate hiring procedures and to make mobile initiatives more mainstream. Both mobility and application development have become pertinent in the workplace and created an increasing need for this position. A content strategist meanwhile is the leader who helps develop the strategy for building content around business objectives. The growth in this position is driven by the mainstreaming of contest across organizations.

Multimedia designers help in the development of multimedia, an element of business that continues to grow. The push towards digital strategies is helping to make this position increasingly valuable. User experience specialists, as their names would suggest, help to better the experience for the user by utilizing information from research and workflow analysis. This position is considered a “hybrid” position, and because of this it is increasingly valuable.

Finally, user interface developers build the interfaces that connect users and the data. This is important to business success and is making this position instrumental. You can read the original article here:

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