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7 Secrets to Being an Extraordinary Creative Manager

Whether you are a first-time manager or a seasoned veteran who needs a refresher course, there are always new ways in which to better yourself as a manager. In an article for 99U, Elizabeth Grace Saunders elaborates on some simple ideas to take you from the ordinary manager to extraordinary. There are seven behaviors that exemplary managers should embody:

  1. Embrace your role.
  2. Acknowledge the need for management time.
  3. Reevaluate your project.
  4. Establish “you” time.
  5. Establish communication.
  6. Be supportive.
  7. Be supported.

Management Excelsior

Becoming a manager can drastically change the relationship dynamic between you and your team. You are now the boss and can no longer be everyone’s best friend. It is imperative to provide clarity on expectations in order to prevent future frustrations. Along with this new responsibility comes a shift to divided responsibilities and the need for attention to be paid to “management time.” Depending on the size of the team, rather than producing creative work yourself, you are now going to direct people. Manage this time well so not to cause future catastrophes.

Look at hiring people who can do the non-creative work for you. Not only will this free up your time, but it will make a far more efficient environment. It is equally as important to establish time for yourself to solely focus on your own work. Whatever the reason pushing this to happen is unimportant, what matters is that you possess the mindset to accomplish what you need to.

As the manager, it is your role to establish the terms of communication and decipher what is acceptable. E-mail has proven to be a top form of communication because of its somewhat instantaneous nature without the distraction of texting.

It is important to support your team and be mindful about what they need from you. Make their wants a priority and take that extra step to give them that meeting to make them feel more comfortable. Once you are supportive, your team will be supporting you. If there is something that someone else could do equally well, allow them to do so; it is okay to take the pressure off you from time to time.

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