6 Tips to Beat Work Anxiety

Is your work life a my-way-or-the-highway proposition, but everything is hopping on the interstate away from you? Michele Hoos provides six solutions over anxiety in an article for The Muse.

Take Back Your Positivity

Firstly, start your morning incrementally. Eat, maybe do some exercise, and let the email wait till afterward. In fact, research suggests that even “forced” exercise can have positive physical and mental benefits, so do what you have to do. Along those same lines, consume water, herbal tea, and whole foods like blueberries and almonds at work to attain similar positive effects. At the office, it is good to acknowledge that there are many areas where you do not have control, but where you do have control, be a tyrant over yourself; use software if necessary to help you control your inbox and manage your projects, and keep your desk clean as a rule. Take a break at least every couple of hours to get up, move around, and ideally get outside. The last tip then is to remember to breathe. Look up the various simple deep breathing techniques that are out there and see how they can help you exhale the stress from your life.

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