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6 Big Tips to Meet Your Project Planning Goals

You might think the big “P” word in IT is “project,” but you would be wrong. Planning is everything! If there is not a rhyme and a reason to your projects, you are just juggling business resources without an end goal. In an article for, Moira Alexander elaborates on the areas that have the potential to go detrimentally wrong and how to best combat them.

There are six areas project managers should look to in an effort to better execute their job:

  1. Plan for aligning strategy.
  2. Do adequate project planning.
  3. Plan effective communications.
  4. Keep stakeholders engaged.
  5. Plan how to measure performance.
  6. Equip yourself with the proper tools.

Planning to Succeed

The project should align with the business strategy, or else it is pointless and a waste of time. Only projects that will provide the organization with benefits should be enacted. Project managers need to actively work with management; communication is key when it comes to measuring what is actually best for the company. Additionally, at the end of the project, project managers and executives should sit down and analyze the success rate of the project.

Planning is hands down the most important aspect of project management. Planning can help reduce the risk of problems as well as motivate towards success. Project managers should actively be involved with all planning sessions so they can ultimately deliver exceptional value.

When things are not communicated properly, projects seem to go awry. Project managers need to be trustworthy and motivate their team to accomplish goals in a timely manner. They also need to be able to acknowledge if a group is too large and break it down into smaller, more focused groups that can better accomplish tasks. And to further inspire trust, the project manager needs to show stakeholders they themselves are fully committed to the project, in addition to showing stakeholders that they can and will address conflict swiftly and immediately.

The only way to know if a project is actually successful is to be able to measure its outcome. Actively take steps to monitor and measure the project’s budget and timeline to ensure it is on the path to success. Project management is a complex enough entity without the added complication of having the wrong tools. At the beginning of the project, ensure that everything the project will need is accessible both internally and externally.

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