5 Ways to Stay Focused through the Holidays

Looking for some practical recommendations to stay productive through Christmas and Hanukkah? Roberta Chinsky Matuson has five tips in an article for Monster. First of all, plan for downtime and try to coordinate vacation with colleagues so that someone is around to prevent a meltdown. A second and highly unique tip is for employers to consider creating one two-hour lunch to be used by employees during the holidays; this is a good idea, because people are going to be taking huge lunches like this with or without your blessing. Third, do not be overly ambitious, and avoid taking on new projects. Fourth, maintain or consider creating a workout routine to reduce stress during hectic times. And lastly, if all your social commitments are piling up in December, consider if it would be possible to shift some of these gatherings to January or even February. Spread your partying across the whole of winter!

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