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5 Ways to Close the IT-Business Culture Gap

There is a new challenge facing IT: the demands of the ‘idea’ economy. So how can IT keep up with this new adversary? According to a white paper by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IT needs to devise a new way of learning.

In the ever-growing diversified workforce, it is an often arduous task to create a common ground culture. By this year, the millennial generation of workers will become the majority representative for the workforce, and by 2030, they will comprise an eye-opening 75 percent.

This shift towards a new generation of workers leaves a gap in learning styles that IT needs to account for. Some leaders learn by watching, while others learn by listening, and others need a more hands-on approach. Nearly 80 percent of users utilize their mobile device to go onto their social media. This creates an opportunity for IT to use social learning activities to teach employees.

Looking towards the future, 83 percent of executives are pushing for greater use of intermittent employees. This is in turn pushing for greater spending, a growth of 8.5 percent a year on e-learning, so all employees can be properly trained. Executives are also better trying to align IT and the business strategy.

In order to help close the culture gap, there are five steps to take:

  1. Paint the big picture of business goals.
  2. Have commonality in communication.
  3. Establish a knowledge “hub” for repository terminology and other common features.
  4. Communicate new ideas in new manners.
  5. Make successes measurable.

A common culture is one of the quickest, most effective ways in which to gain value from software investments.

You can view the full, short white paper here:

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