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4 Common IT Dangers in the Age of ITSM

Project failures occur frequently because ITSM is not designed from the implementation phase to align with business strategy. So how is this avoided? In a post for All Things ITSM, Phyllis Drucker identifies some of the greatest dangers against which IT must stay vigilant. Is your IT fighting the good fight against these perils?

Tread Lightly in These Areas

There are a few indicators of trouble to be wary of when it comes to ITSM. The first is ensuring that the change management process in actuality protects the business and does not prohibit future progress to be made. The change should utilize technology, prioritize projects, have IT involvement, and not cause unnecessary interruptions. There is also the problem that all system issues are treated identically. If IT approaches every problem the same, it is an indication that they have yet to align with the needs of the business. There should be a well-defined service legal agreement, as well as measurable targets to achieve.

The third danger is the fear that IT is unable to communicate the cost of operating a service per user each month. This transparency is crucial, because if they cannot communicate costs, they run the risk of ultimately being replaced by third-party providers. The final danger then is the failure to achieve balance. A strong business has the ability to manage great change all at once. If a business cannot implement change without disruptions, that is a clear indicator of a problem with change management.

These danger signs do not indicate that a project is entirely destroyed; there are actions that can be taken in order to amend the situation. Improve effectiveness and define business services. Establish a service legal agreement and build a CMDB. Create financial goals that can be achieved.

It is too often that IT develops ITSM processes that do not have the financial backing they need, or they disrupt the business entirely. At the end of the day, every action needs to align with the business in order to create success. You can read the original post here:

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