3 Tips to Stay Productive During the Sprint to Holidays

You know it, I know it—nobody wants to be working when holiday cookies are right around the corner. But you are getting paid for it, so too bad! Renee Cullinan and Shani Harmon write for Fast Company with three tips to make it through.

Earn Those Cookies

First, focus now on what will be essential soon. Pick out your most critical work to get done before the end of the year and bring it to the top of your work pile; do not let the “urgent” work get in the way of the important work. Challenge your team to work with you to cram out one or two more big pieces of work. Second, take a pause to reflect on how much work you and your team have accomplished over the past year and celebrate that. Then get critical about which parts of the workload were not necessary, and think about how that might translate into the new year—is there a recurring meeting you can stop holding, for instance? Third, focus on quality over quantity. This again means only concentrating on the big work, but it also means staying on top of people for follow-up action when they commit to something. Just imagine how much kudos your team will get for delivering a big win in cold, lazy December.

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