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3 Reasons Why Your Service Desk Will Never Be a Commodity

Is the service desk a mere utility, or something much greater? In a post for SITS Community, Eric Wright pinpoints a few reasons why the service desk is an asset that exceeds mere business utility and cannot, nor ever be, be a commodity.

Why the Service Desk Is More than That

  1. Every service desk is different, just like every business is different.
  2. It is the people that make technology functional.
  3. A service desk delivers large value.

There is a flawed notion that service desk software is a one-size-fits-all entity when in actuality every service desk is different. The mentality is that service desk software can be repeatable and replicated across any business, so the software can be quite uniform. ITIL is designed however to only give a rough outline; there needs to be uniqueness for each business. There are distinctive variables that only occur in specific businesses, and thus this idea of “universal” cannot exist.

No one understands the business quite like the service desk, and they therefore hold the integral information. A third-party replica cannot give the customer experience that real live humans can give, and that is why humans are the drivers behind technology. Some simple processes can indeed be automated, but when it comes to big problems, only people can possess the expertise to remedy the situation.

A simple service desk may merely address and fix problems; however, the truly superior ones will be the connection between the business and the IT department. The service desk ensures that everything is aligned with corporate standards and values along with addressing problems.

Some service desks have not developed to this point of superior performance, but with a little effort and a dream or two, they too shall conquer. You can read the original post here:

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